Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eat Smart, Move More - Stay Healthy

Perhaps the most important aspect of your health is NUTRITION. Without proper nutrition, the muscles and organs of your body cannot function correctly. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of weight loss. Improper nutrition has been linked to increased risk of injury, becoming more susceptible to colds or flu symptoms, having chronic or nagging musculoskeletal conditions, and weight gain.
The trick to maintaining a nutritious diet is not eating too much food, while at the same time eating the proper amount of foods containing enough nutrients necessary to obtain enough energy for the body to function properly. This also pertains to eating the correct amounts of food when planning to exercise.
Eating foods that are healthy and nutritious helps provide energy, build and repair body tissues, and regulate metabolic processes in the body. Usually, children who eat well and exercise perform a lot better in school than their counterparts. They are more mentally alert and better able to deal with the everyday stresses of life or the classroom.
***Life itself can be emotionally taxing and hard on the immune system, so let's not make the situation worse by overeating or getting inadequate nutrition.***